Saturday, April 4, 2009

Unexpected pro-life statement... from Iran

Universal Declaration of Human RightsImage by Jordan Lewin via Flickr

Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute - (NEW YORK – C-FAM) As the sun rose on the last day of negotiations at the Commission on Population and Development (CPD) at the United Nations (UN) today, delegations were still embroiled in a contentious debate over language concerning “sexual and reproductive health and rights,” which some radical NGOs and UN committees have interpreted and used to promote abortion. As UN member states came together at the closing meeting to adopt the document, delegations took the floor to define abortion out of the document.

Up until the eleventh hour, the contentious term “sexual and reproductive health and rights” remained in the draft document. Just prior to adoption, Iran took the floor to object to the phrase which has never before been included in any negotiated UN document. Iran stressed that the term remained problematic for a number of delegations and urged the Commission to revert back to previously agreed upon and carefully negotiated language from the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Program of Action, which is understood not to create any right to abortion.
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  1. A serious reason to continue to pray! The Holy Spirit at work! Have a grand day! Cathy

  2. Hi Cathy! :o) Yes, sometimes He is so kind to show us that prayers work, in surprising ways!


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