Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wondering about the Wordless Days

I'd like to refresh the habit of the wordless day, when I post just an image, as many other fellow bloggers do. But I started with a "Wordless Saturday" without checking if such thing existed at all.

That's why I made a little inquiry, google-ing (in blog search) "Worldless Monday" and so on, for each day of the week. It resulted that, apart from the overwhelming Wordless Wednesday (249,870 entries), all the others were much lower, spanning from 1213 entries (Thursday) to 158 (Saturday). Here's the situation:

Now, I'd like to know: why Wednesday?

Is it for the assonance of the initial "W"?

Is there a story about a special Wednesday that I never heard of?

Hints, anyone?

What should be the ideal Wordless Day of the week, in your opinion? and why?

Until I get to know a good reason to join the WW club, I'll keep posting Wordless Saturdays, thus reinforcing its poor statistics. :o)

Enough words for today.

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  1. i think it pretty much has to do with the w's going better together!

    ps. i sure like your little space here.

  2. Welcome Regan, and thank you for the comment! I visited your blog ... and subscribed! So nice to meet you.

  3. so nice to meet you. hope i can get out of my funk so my place will be a bit more cheerful! =)

  4. Your place is full of light and peace. I guess you are still feeling sad sometimes, and I'm so sorry about that, but well - you are wearing it with such elegance and grace that, really, there is nothing gloomy in what you show of your world. That light in your photos!... btw, I subscribed to both your blog and your Flickr photo album! (I'll pray for you)

  5. you are too kind. i guess i am still sad sometimes, in this life, sadness is inevitable, but the important thing is that we deal with it gracefully. God bless you and have a lovely week.

    ps. i was just wondering if the duck in that picture is real? it looks fake, but then again i took a picture, not a close up one, but a picture nevertheless of a mallard the other day and it didn't look real either. God's creatures are so awesome!

  6. God's creatures are so awesome!

    Absolutely. You see, I'm a biologist. And maybe you could hardly find anyone fonder of plants and animals than me, exactly because they are SO beautiful. BTW, I have found that when something in nature looks ugly to me (say, insects :oP ), it's always because I'm not looking close enough!


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