Tuesday, March 18, 2008

China's Internet Users Surpass U.S.

China's Internet Users Surpass U.S. - Recent research has placed the number of Internet users in China at 220 million, a few million more than the number of surfers in the U.S. (estimated at 217 million). Even if we quibble about the numbers, by the end of 2008 China is expected to have 280 million Internet users. With just over 300 million Americans in the total population, there's no way the country's Internet users could approach 280 million currently. The U.S. has held the number one spot (until now) since the development of the Net. - Friday March 14, 2008
This is a great responsibility for western world Catholics. Sometimes freedom will be given to Chinese people to access information as they like, and they will eagerly look for truth, and internet will be the main source of their research, together with books (Chinese people are strong readers too). Let's pray and prepare ourselves to do for them what st.Peter urges us to do: giving the reasons for our hope!

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